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This portal allows you to report problems related to GSA Global Supply orders or to submit an inquiry about any of the products and services offered.

New Process For Identifying A Summary Bill: Beginning January 15, 2014, GSA Global Supply customers who pay by credit card at the time of purchase and who elect to receive summary bills will see changes to their credit card statements. As a direct result of the BAAR Phase 2B implementation, the mapping of the Order Number and the identification of summary bills has changed.

Prior to the BAAR Phase 2B Implementation, summary bills included "Summary Bill" in the *Description* area. For all future summary bills, customers will now see the Order Number listed in the *Description* field in place of the "Summary Bill" text.

Customers who choose to receive detailed bills will see the same information currently provided in their statements.

Where To Go For Help: For questions regarding credit card statements, contact the National Customer Service Center (NCSC) at 1-800-488-3111 or

Ask GSA allows you to:

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